Vivo X51 5G review: what is the challenger worth against the competitors?

Vivo X51 5G review: what is the challenger worth against the competitors? - Choose a Smartphone

Faced with Oppo, Xiaomi and even Realme already well established in the landscape, the other Chinese brand Vivo tries to bring a breath of fresh air to the market. With the Vivo X51 5G, the manufacturer brings a new philosophy in the way the phone is designed. Is it a success for all that?

Design: slimness to stand out at first glance

Vivo X51 5G review: what is the challenger worth against the competitors? - Choose a SmartphoneThe ambition with this smartphone is to show the know-how of the manufacturer. To do this, it seems important for Vivo to make a good impression in all areas. Gone are the crude, imposing and sometimes heavy products. The Vivo X51 5G adopts a rare thinness in its construction. On the back is a very elegant and smooth glass shell. It does not leave any marks but suffers from a real fragility. Beware of the clumsy who will live real nightmares. The manufacturer offers a transparent soft plastic shell to counter this.

In the drawing of the lines, the thinness of the edges offers pleasant roundness. The grip offered is impeccable in any situation. The metal ring is in keeping with the design of a resolutely modern smartphone. The only element that breaks this harmony is the rectangular module that is much rougher. On the front, the choice of a borderless screen offers optimal viewing comfort, which we will discuss later. Its lightness with a weight of 184 grams is another asset.

Overall, the Vivo phone ticks all the boxes of an excellent device in the design department. Choosing this product is to ensure total elegance in everyday life.

Screen: no compromise but no sparkle

In its desire to do well, the Chinese brand wanted to offer the best in all aspects. An AMOLED panel provided by Samsung is placed on this Vivo X51 5G. The interface measures 6.56 inches, able to display in Full HD under any circumstances. The refresh rate of 90 Hz appears today as the standard on the market but adapts to your consumption.

The smartphone is very reliable in everyday use. Standard usage is assured despite a lack of brightness. According to the lab, the Vivo interface is measured at 584 cd/m². Compared to other devices of the same kind, the Chinese mobile is well below an average of 731 cd/m². This characteristic is quite decent without being totally dazzling. For real color fidelity, go to the settings to calibrate your interface in “Normal” display mode.

Internal power: balance on the agenda with the Snapdragon 765G

Vivo X51 5G review: what is the challenger worth against the competitors? - Choose a SmartphoneThe choice has the merit of questioning the critics and the public. For its phone responsible for taking the light, a mid-range processor is planned. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G offers 5G compatibility to the Vivo X51. On the performance side, the chip is not a thunderbolt. On the Antutu V8 benchmark, it scores 333,435 points. A disappointing result, but it is compensated by the quality of work done by Vivo.

In everyday life, the smartphone meets all expectations. In multi-tasking it does not slow down, during gaming sessions, the product does not heat much. Only the photo part would have benefited from a better internal chip. In terms of operating software, the X51 5G comes with FuntouchOS. This is an in-house overlay quite close to what is offered with Android 10. The reality of everyday life brings the mobile very close to a Google Pixel. The whole thing still needs to be fine-tuned as the market progresses, but the phone is very pleasant to use on a daily basis.
Autonomy: overall performance in the middle of the market

For its lifespan, a 4315 mAh battery is affixed to the smartphone. A rather large amount of battery for a smartphone of this kind offers a decent lifespan. According to measurements made by’s lab, the Vivo X51’s all-round battery life is 14 hours and 30 minutes. The result is in the average range of products around 500 euros. In communication the mobile is capable of lasting 24 hours and 46 minutes. For its part, the charge is provided by a 33W cable. A fast recharge is offered to be at 100% in one hour.

The camera: four sensors working together

Vivo X51 5G review: what is the challenger worth against the competitors? - Choose a SmartphoneOne of the trends in the phone market is the accumulation of useless photo modules. This is especially true for products aiming at the quality / price ratio. With its first model, Vivo avoids this pitfall and integrates four complementary lenses.

  • A 48 megapixel wide angle lens and gimbal sensor
  • A telephoto periscope of 8 megapixels
  • A 13-megapixel portrait sensor
  • An ultra wide angle of 8 megapixels

Overall, the Vivo X51 5G’s shots are all pretty good. The versatility of the photos is beneficial for less experienced photographers. However, the software processing is a bit slow and tends to interpret dark environments as night modes. Sometimes some shots, due to lack of light, are under-exposed and offer a dark mode that is not very suitable.

In the defects section, only the software part is to be pointed out. When the photo goes through the processing software, some small inconveniences are noticed. Some pictures are overexposed but this is not the only weak point. If the subject or you yourself move even slightly, the camera has all the trouble in the world to correct the shot. A word about the gimbal sensor on the main lens. In the video part, it offers a better stabilization for the shooting of contents.

Conclusion: what to remember about this Vivo X51 5G?

With this phone, the Chinese manufacturer makes above all a demonstration of power. In all aspects, the product is mastered and balanced. It’s hard to do better as an entry for Vivo as the X51 5G is a quality smartphone. The brand is aware that its work remains to be polished. Several imperfections are to be noted. First of all, the screen is not as good as average. The power balance is assured but Vivo must be able to tame the power of the very high end. Just like FunTouchOS, improvements are to come. In light of this first draft, we look forward to the rest of the fun for Vivo.