What are the main criteria for choosing a smartphone?

Apart from the specific uses of each, you simply have to study the many features of a smartphone, to rank them in order of importance. This is very subjective, but above all it allows you to position yourself in front of your purchase.

We suggest some criteria that may be interesting to consider in your future purchase:

The design:

okay, the nokia 3410 was great, but smartphones have radically changed their look, for the better fortunately! Manufacturing materials (plastic, aluminum…), dimensions, thickness, coating of the shell… The trend is to offer big and thin, with often round shapes for a more pleasant grip. There is finally little choice of colors, except for Motorola or Microsoft smartphones. White or metallic aspects generally win the votes.


badly placed buttons or buttons that hurt, it quickly becomes tiring. It is essential to have a smartphone that has been designed to fit all hands. The format often determines this aspect, the most compact, manageable with one hand, are often the best in this area.

The screen:

LCD, IPS, Full HD, QHD … we lost you? And still, some are missing! Each manufacturer has its preferences or even the means to propose its own technology, like Samsung and its Super Amoled screens. The resolution is also very important for the sharpness of the image. Finally, the inches, between 4 and 5 inches (or more) determine the total size of your smartphone and your visual comfort. For Netflix fans, a 5-inch is very popular.

The interface:

it is in a way the soul of your phone. The OS, as we say in the jargon, is often Android or iOs. All Apple phones are equipped with iOS for example. There is also Windows Phone. You will almost always find the same applications, but each OS has its own way of managing them and often, you are offered new applications specific to the OS or the manufacturer (this is called the manufacturer’s overlay).

The configuration (and therefore the performance):

the components that make the smartphone work, its speed and responsiveness depend on this very important factor. The RAM, the processor, the internal memory (storage capacity) are often determining elements if you hesitate between several smartphones. But they should also be adapted to your needs. Someone who doesn’t play games won’t need a Snapdragon 810 chip.

Multimedia (games, photos, videos):

increasingly replacing the digital camera, manufacturers are making sure that the photo sensors are increasingly powerful on smartphones. But this comes at a price. In general, multimedia cannot be dissociated from the hardware that makes up your phone. So, the better it is, the more you can enjoy it without graphics loss or slowdown.


this is probably one of the most important criteria. You don’t want to spend your time recharging your phone and you don’t want to limit your use either. However, this is the main flaw of many phones! It is not always easy to offer a large battery capacity, a reasonable size and weight of phone. The champions of the moment are the Koreans from Samsung.

The price:

Yes, let’s not forget that we don’t all have more than half a salary to put into a phone!